Studio Q

Studio Q is a student-run creative agency operated by the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University. We are capable of full in-house production utilizing design, video, photography, publications, and broadcasting. In addition to being a media service for students, Studio Q produces the Tricolour Yearbook & Agenda and live broadcasts Queen’s Gaels home games. With industry-level equipment, Studio Q offers relevant services and products of professional quality.

Studio Q offers students the opportunity to learn valuable media skills in a fun, high-energy atmosphere. Whether you’re interested in designing the yearbook, or filming the Queen’s Gaels, we have something for everyone. You’ll see our photos online, our videos on campus, and you’ll keep our yearbooks to remember your experience at Queen’s.

Our Team

Darrean Baga

Head Manager

Lisa Xiong

Business Manager

Nicole Ellis

Publications Manager

Evelyn da Silva

Photography Manager

Lang Bunka

Graphic Design Manager

Naseem Loloie

Video Producer

Cam Barry

Livestream Producer

Kaitlin Kocsis

Livestream Producer